So i’m currently sitting in coffee shop scoffing down a RAW brownie and some herbal tea, convincing myself that THIS IS the healthier choice this time. Alongside my temporary health change (lol) I gotta be real honest here.. for the past hour I’ve been beating myself up (internally), genuinely feeling like I CAN’T DO IT. By IT I mean, achieve all the things I want to do and experience to have my dream life.. No this is not a cry for sympathy whatsoever, but more an honest post about how my mind can work.. with the intention to turn it RIGHT AROUND so I can help anyone else who has days/weeks/or just moments like this too.

SO.. no 1.

A close person in my life gave me some of the best insight I’ve EVER HAD into feeling more in control of my life and my goals. He said that the only important thing RIGHT NOW is the next step you take. The next thing you do after this moment, and after that moment etc. There is no point screaming at yourself in you mind for spending the past two months napping in the afternoons and ignoring emails and genuinely feeling sorry for yourself because you CAN’T CHANGE IT. Sorry, tough love, I hate it too but you just can’t change it. SO what can we do to make the next 100 moments/steps more meaningful and productive?

Firstly, it would be so helpful if you knew exactly what you wanted. If you don’t, think about what makes you happy. Say 3 things you would like to achieve in the next 12 months, 3 things that would make you feel accomplished if you achieved them. NOW if you have a mind like me you’ll be thinking OK SO I want my dream career to happen in 3 months, I want to get fit and healthy and be the best version of myself AND I want to start my own business and it be successful from the word GO.

I mean GREAT AMBITIONS GIRL, but realistic, in 12 months? maybe the change in health, but the other two WILL take planning and patience if you truly want them to be ‘successful’ We live in a world where instagram lets us look into everyone else lives, lets us see 15year olds who start apps and 20 year olds who are hit writers whilst we’ve just left uni and feeling a LITTLE LOST IF I MUST SAY. What instagram doesn’t do is show you the day you spent in bed because you feel like SHIT, or the 8th draft of the essay you want to make perfect or the 50 other pictures you took of yourself to find the one that makes you feel ‘good enough.’ It’s a fabricated lie, some of our careers rely on it.

So here is exactly what I now do when i’m looking to achieve more with the time I have in order to feel happy, accomplished and IN CONTROL.


  1. You’ve read my post, so now its time to get to action. Write down 3 REALISTIC things you can achieve in the next 6-12 months.
  2. Realistically, what would be your next steps? Would it be reaching out to a contact who may have more knowledge and insight into the matter than yourself? Would it be drawing a mind map with all the ideas that are running around your brain?
  3. Pick 3 things for each goal that will bring you a teeny weeny bit closer to it. Try not to think about the 10 million things you know you have to do after that then get overwhelmed and close the laptop. Take a deep breath, write down 9 little things to help you on your way and do them all. Make sure they are small, like an email or an Instagram post or a meeting with someone. Pick things you CAN do in the next hour or week. That way you will feel accomplished and more on top of things. Once you’ve done those tasks, write 3 more; now they may get more complicated and tricky as this journey is not easy, however you will be feeling confident that you have achieved SOMETHING. So build on it, achieve something then something else. Teeny weeny things that all build up to your DREAM LIFE. Because in reality it is all just litte moments of strength and adversity and courage added up together over years that will give you YOUR GOALS.

To help you on your merry way I have attached a PDF document to this post which you can print out, fill in, stick on your wall and get to work! Some people, like myself need instant gratification and this does exactly that. It’s a physical step in the right direction that is tangible and visible.


I have also linked sites that I use to make lists and organise/manage my work load and goals.

www.trello.com – is a beautiful list website.

www.evernote.com – THE HOLY GRAIL OF APPS, you can even use tick box’s and scratch things out.

HAPPY GOAL ACHIEVING.. let me know if this helps, or not xo



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