Valentine’s Day used to drive me crazy. The panic of being 15 and realising the pending doom of not having a Valentine?  What were we to do? Not having a significant other to validate our worth, how were we to cope? We’d panic, quickly organising some sort of anti-valentines day party to lick our wounds, of course – still inviting the boys rugby team just incase there were to be any last minute love affairs.  With several vodka apples and a blue WKD later, suddenly we had swiftly forgotten about our lack of lovers as we sang along to Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ till the early hours of the morning – of course with a potential snog from position 12.

I mean this was our thought process at 15, quite hilarious actually now looking back… but has it really changed from those teeny bopper days? With Instagram flooded with airbrushed couples kissing under sunsets in Santorini and boyfriends delivering the goods of red sole Louis Vuitton shoes with hat boxes full of red roses, how is the millennial generation meant to cope with the trials and tribulations of V-Day? The shops are scoped with pink and red sticky glittery cards and heart shaped boxes of cheap chocolate (which i’ll have you know hit half price the next day)

We are all just so desperate to be loved…

What if for once, just this year we turned such a day on it’s head and made it about us. About you and I and not completely weighted on the gratification of a significant other with great hair? Before I sound like scrooge who’s eager to burst your valentines balloons, I’ll have you know I’m a big romantic. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love love. I’m hopeless actually, and I’ve been there with the ice-cream and my girls wishing we were on some high flying date in the city when the closest we are to any source of romance is Big and Carrie’s inconsistent love affair in Sex and The City. And yet we happen to be without both.

I’ve been there and I get it, thats why I’m writing this, to encourage you to roll back the tears and re-charge your super fox because you really don’t need no man or woman to feel loved! You are perfectly magical just by yourself and when you happen to meet your significant other you’ll be so chuffed you learned to love yourself because you’ll know how to love them that much more. I promise. If you do have a Valentine this year give them ridiculous amounts of love, but remember that every day of the year is for that and this is just one little 24 hours, kind of just like Christmas and we all seem to get our knickers in a twist about that day too.

ANYWAY… my Super foxes, lets make February the 14th also about SELF LOVE. You don’t need to wait for someone to buy you flowers or run you a bath or cook you a delishy meal, you can do it all by yourself and trust me it’s such a great feeling. Self reliant, independent, sexy super foxes with enough self love to build an empire of resilient and strong women and men around you. Once you get to work, you’ll start seeing the magnificent results of truly loving yourself.

Here’s 5 nice things you can do for yourself any day, not just on Valentines Day.

  1. Realise that V Day is just a day. 24 hours, or two sets of 12 hours which half of you spend asleep. Whatever way you wish to look at it, It’s not long and I’d really encourage you not to try and wish it away because you can make it significant for you and your self love journey.
  1. Ask yourself what you need. Do you need an evening of rest with a hot bubble bath, chocolate and a glass of vino? Or is it something more practical like getting all of your chores done, changing your sheets and answering all of your emails? I find getting my life in order is one of my top self love activities.

3. Do something lovely for someone else.Why don’t you buy your best friend some flowers, or send out cards of encouragement to loved ones? Giving is an incredibly fulfilling activity and it takes your focus of you.

4. Cook yourself a 5 star meal. You know the fancy ingredients in the shops you can never justify buying? Well if any day is the day, today is! You should honour and value your body just as you would a significant other. So cook yourself that meal, beans and toast will not do.

5. Write a list of what you are already grateful for. It’s so easy to wait for great things to happen in order to be grateful for our lives, but when you look a little closer there is so much beauty we can already be grateful for.

So ladies and gents, 14th of February 2019, we’ve decided together throughout this read that it is just a day which we can easily use as another day of self love, rather than self loathing.

You are loved

You are worthy

You are enough

Self Love London

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