So what on earth does that even mean? Take a self care day?.. does that really have to mean lighting all the candles in the house and eating a bar of galaxy chocolate, pretending that all is well and okay? Because tbh, thats not going to fix whats going on in my mind that is for sure!

Firstly I mean, sometimes the candles and the chocolate is a total no brainer and gives you that little pick me up that you needed, but lets get real, it’s not going to solve your problems for you.

So how can we practice self care and it actually work? Can we get rid of some of the airy fairy stuff and really delve into what matters and what is actually going to help.

  1. Take a day and make it about you. If you can’t do that due to work commitments dedicate a Saturday or a Sunday. Write down a small list of what needs doing. And yes I mean the boring stuff, your washing, cleaning your flat, taking your vitamins and going on your food shop. It’s hella boring but its what keeps us intact. Once everything is in order you’ll feel on top of things, even if your mind is still all over the shot.
  2. Chase up any important emails, especially the ones you’ve been avoiding! And pay your bills, I know its obvious but I know people who don’t look at their bank statements like, EVER. Then end up sweating out the stress of having £4.32 in their account. I’ve been there, its gross and now I never ever let it happen.
  3. Sort out yo calendar! Make sure everything you’ve noted down is correct and please, please make sure there’s a little bit of chilling out pencilled in there too. Funnily enough I took today ‘off’ for a self care day and finally gave myself some time to do what I wanted to do, which was write a post for SLL. I find it so helpful seeing my month mapped out in advance, then I can stay on top of things that little bit better.
  4. Adding to the above, if you have a goal alongside your day job, factor in time to MAKE IT HAPPEN, and it doesn’t need to be by next Tuesday. I’m a sucker for wanting things to happen instantly and I need to work on my patience. I combat this by writing out my goals then setting small ones every day/week that bring me closer to it. Sometimes I wonder how on earth people own three businesses have 2 children a husband a dog and a yoga addiction without getting overwhelmed and failing at almost all of them. Yet they do this by planning out their time effectively 😉
  5. Check in with your body. How are you actually feeling? Sleepy, lack of energy, bloated and all sorts? Well, have a look at what you’ve been eating for the last month or so and make some positive changes to your diet. I found out that gluten makes me SO SLEEPY, to the point where I need day time naps. The second I cut it out, I felt amazing! However recently i’ve forgotten all about it, cheated a whole lot and ended up feeling a bit shit. You can guess whats on my list today (cut out the gluten char, for gawd’s sake u never learn)
  6. Make time for exercise. Lol I actually don’t enjoy making time for exercise, planning it or thinking about it. BUT when I do it I feel amazing so sometimes I’ve got to trust my proactive day off self and know that I booked that spin class for a good reason.
  7. Check up on your loved ones and friends, see how they’re doing. It’s so easy in this busy life to forget to reply to messages but when you get the chance, please do. Tell them they’re on your mind and try get them in that calendar even if its next Monday at 3.45 pm.
  8. Fix all the broken things in your flat like that lightbulb in the bathroom or that pesky blind and for gawd sake make sure your loo role is ON the holder not by the toilet. Sometimes I wonder how people make time to do these tiny annoying things because life is so busy yet my mum seems to have it ALL under control at all times. Maybe thats why she is super women, but anyhow I’m learning from her as we go…
  9. Have a nap. It’s fine, 40 winks won’t kill you as long as its not all day every day. We have to stop feeling guilty for resting when we need to.
  10. This one is slightly more niche, but on a self care day I exfoliate, cleanse, face mask, hair mask, actually moisturise my nail beds and my TOE ones, paint them, sometimes I even add a lil bit of foot cream and pluck my eyebrows. Why? cause it makes me feel SO damn good and fresh. Might not be your cup of tea which is completely fine, but it works for me so it might work for you! I swear my body thanks me when I bathe in coco butter by making me all slinky and silky.

So what i’ve been trying to say is, it’s not all about bubble baths, candles and chocolates. There’s so much involved in self care and these are just the basics. Basics you might not even think about. If I ever call home in a stressed pickle, my mum says this almost every single time..

  1. Take one step at a time
  2. Make a list and prioritise what’s important
  3. Make sure you’ve eaten and drank enough
  4. Be kind to yourself

None of this is a quick fix or the answer to a terrible day, but I swear by these things and they always lift the stress from my life and make me feel better. Even if you don’t feel better, everything around you is better.

All my love,


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