SKINNY SHAMING, it’s gotta stop.

S K I N N Y  S H A M I N G

So what is it?

A god damn awful thing that goes on ALL THE TIME yet those who don’t receive skinny shaming on a regular basis may assume that skinny people have nothing much to worry about right? Cause they’re skinny? WRONG.

It’s basically just the same as calling someone fat, overweight, chubby, you name it.. yet these nasty comments can be aimed towards those who are skinny or in some eyes “too skinny” too.

But how could we possibly be offended when “You’re lucky if you’re skinny?!” is said regularly.. but it just doesn’t work like that. No matter your shape or size, being ridiculed for the way you look is awful and over time it starts to wear you down.

Regardless of your shape or size, you hold and deserve the right to love yourself and to love the skin you’re in. No one has the right to rate what is attractive or not. As long as you are HAPPY and HEALTHY.. thats all that should ever matter.

You would never turn up at a dinner with your friends in front of everyone and say to someone with a big plate of food..

“Are you sure you need that, you’re putting on the pounds”

“Wow, are you ok?! You have gotten so fat recently”

“Are you sure you’re not eating too much?!”

These things are unkind, insensitive and beyond inappropriate to say to ANYONE at any point. You’d be hurting that persons feelings..

Lets flip it round now, I did some research and I’ve had lots of brave incredible ladies open up to me about times they have been skinny shamed and felt hurt by it and this is what they’ve been told before..

“You look like a bag of bones”

“Girls should have curves, you don’t look like a woman”

“You need to eat a burger or two”

“You know men prefer curvy girls so theres something to hold on to..?”

“You look like a drainpipe”

“Thats a models size portion of food”

“You’ll fall through a drain”

“You look like a bird”

“You need some more meat on those bones”

“Have you got an eating problem?”

“You don’t need compliments because you know you’re skinny”

“You don’t need to go to the gym, you’re too skinny already”

“Your legs are the size of one of my big toes”

“You look like a twig” or “Twiggy”

“You must be seriously unhealthy”

“You’ve got the body of a 12 year old boy”

“You look anorexic”

“I could snap you in half”

…. These are all incredibly offensive and insensitive comments to make to anyone. What is even more shocking is that most of these comments were made in front of groups of people which is incredibly embarrassing and makes you feel so self conscious.

Automatically whoever is receiving the comment will feel like they have something wrong with them, when the majority of super skinny ladies are naturally that size. Sometimes we can eat and eat and eat and we don’t put weight on, we’ve got fast metabolisms, or sometimes its just the way we are, and that is beyond okay.

On a health note..

However there are absolutely points in time where we may feel incredibly concerned for someone who’s lost a lot of weight quickly or may not be looking healthy or happy. So what do we do? We don’t want to offend them?

The best advice I can give is that if there is someone you’re concerned about, talk to them at an appropriate moment in a quiet place. It could be helpful to ask them how they are doing and to share some of your concerns and to offer your support if they need it, reassuring them that it is coming from a place of love rather than a place of negativity.

If you’ve read the listed comments above and realised you maybe have skinny shamed someone before you might have not even realised it. Whats important is that you take initiative from now on to avoid making comments like that to anyone, regardless of their shape or size. It goes such a long long way and helps anyone of a smaller size feel confident in the way they look as well.

So guys..

Tell your friends that they look AMAZING, because they do! Build people up around you as much as you can because it goes such a long way and they will love you for it!

Everyone has the right to love their body just the way it is!

No more skinny shaming,

Lotte x



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