The new self comparison app – Instagram

Why do we tell ourselves that we can’t do it, just because we haven’t done it yet? Why do we compare ourselves to other people in the same field as us and let it CRIPPLE us into feelings of bitterness and resentment? Basing our success and comparison via a collection of numbers and data controlled and created by people who are all probably feeling EXACTLY THE SAME WAY.

Its crazy, not healthy yet we all do it and can make it a HUGE part of our lives. Its awful that we will let the opinions of people online define what we are worth and what we can do with ourselves. There’s this generated world outside of the ‘real’ world where we all exist digitally, being ranked in order of popularity and success via likes and shares. It’s madness when you really think about it.

We are all guilty of this kind of self comparison because almost all of us have Instagram and I know that almost everyone gets up in the morning and scrolls through their feed finding themselves years deep in someone’s profile that looks like their life is basically perfect. And if this doesn’t happen in the morning it happens at night. Or maybe you’ve taken a really positive step and unfollowed all the accounts that trigger you to feel bad about yourself, but there probably is just that one you keep checking, most likely an ex or your biggest competitor.

Self doubt used to be a huge part of my every day life, but now I can say that maybe once a week or a couple times a month it will affect me and it is almost always triggered by something i’ve seen online. We have a self comparison app right at our fingertips where we have easy access to the worlds highlight reels. If Instagram is a huge part of your career it can be challenging to turn away from as it can become a platform that demonstrates success and creative content. Don’t get me wrong Instagram is amazing, and its brought me so many opportunities and I know I won’t turn away from it anytime soon. However what I have realised is that we need to make sure we’re building healthy relationships with these apps because i’ve seen one too many of my friends feel victimised by their engagement online. I see friends delete photographs because they’ve not received enough likes. It’s heartbreaking and I can be very guilty of such a similar mindset. What I want to challenge not only my readers but myself is to stop measuring our self worth/success or achievements via social media platforms that throw us numbers that somehow have become a way to value ourselves. Lets let it be a place where we can share what we create because we’re creating what we love, regardless if the person next to us gets 500 more likes. IT DOESN’T MATTER, your value is unshakable and your worth is determined by the kindness and love that you share with others around you, not by likes online.

Every time I hear someone talk about why they can’t do it, or why they’re feeling bad about themselves, 80% of the time it’s because they’ve seen someone else on Instagram/online who’s killing it.

You my friend are killing it, in your own way and in your own time. But lets make sure our desire and want for success is charged by the right things, for no other reason than to protect our self worth, our thoughts and our happiness.

Lotte x



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