READ THESE BOOKS.. NOW. They might change your life, if not, your thoughts.


I do a lot of reading, and i’m absolutely obsessed with autobiographies by people who have climbed out of their struggles into roaring success who want to tell you exactly HOW they did it. Isn’t that amazing? I can’t think of a better reference point for advice than those who have done it themselves.


Without spoiling it too much, this book helps us make make more conscious decisions about what to and what not to let bother us. We have very little control of what happens to us in this life, however what we do have control of his how we let the outside world affect us. I actively try to use this approach every day. I used to get affected by others negative comments, by someone cancelling on plans or even missing the last train home. All of these things are so trivial however with the right attitude and thought process we can learn to let go of the frustration and anger we feel when these things happen to us.

2. YOU ARE A BADASS By Jen Sincero

I mean it says it all in the title. If you need an intense pick me up/turn your life around and become the best version of yourself and excels in all ways then.. by all means READ THIS BOOK ASAP.

3. F*CK FEELINGS By Dr Michael Bennett

This read literally combs through our insecurities, our issues and the ridiculous high standards we set ourselves on a regular basis. This book gives us insight into rewriting what we truly want into what is truly achievable and more likely to make us happy.

4. THE SECRET by Rhonda Bryne

This can be a slightly controversial one as some of its content can be intense and/or difficult to wrap that head around. However I dip in and out of this book when needed as it has really helped whip my a*s into shape when looking to change my thought process quickly. I actually read this book on the train home from a weekend away with my parents and it was a huge turning point for me. The Secret basically lets us into the laws and rules of attraction in the universe. It goes a little like what you think about you can have and if you keep telling yourself the same positive thing/goal over a series of time you will attract nothing but that specific goal to you. I’ll let you into a little secret, it blooooody works.

Try these out first, let me know what you think and i’ll add another 4 for you guys.

Word of warning, just pick one or two, dip in and out of them as you please and take as much as you can from each one. Try not to put pressure on yourself to read something that may not work for you. I never usually read a self help book cover to cover, I normally dip in and out of chapters and take what I think I need most.

Lotte x

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