NEW YEAR NEW ME? (bullshit) You are already fantastic.


By the time this reaches you lovely humans it will be the end of January, BUT, you can always start your new year in February because the date on the calendar does not define when its appropriate to start making positive changes in your life. That is just procrastination, and is exactly what I’ve been doing for years.

Every year since I can remember I’ve set totally unachievable goals with the mindset that if I set super high goals then it means i’m really motivated and will somehow find a way to achieve them. HONEY YOU WRONG.. because if you set a goal that feels like 10 zillion miles and years away from you, you’ll feel overwhelmed, won’t know where to start then you’ll probably give up because its WAY easier never trying then trying and accepting failure. That has actually been my biggest issue so far, I have been SO afraid to try INCASE I fail and then realise i’m a total failure and have to burry myself in hole and not come out ever again…. I’m not saying for a second that you shouldn’t set huge goals because I have really big dreams too. However instead of feeling like i’ll never get there i’ve started to do lots of small things regularly that bring me closer to them… and its working!

If you are put off by a dream because of the time it will take to get there..
THE TIME WLL PASS ANYWAY! (I didn’t say this but I wish I did)

SO.. how do we set goals, itty bitty goals that help us on our way to the big success?


Write lists, as many lists as you please. Dump your brain onto paper, or laptop whatever you fancy really. I’d advice not making one big one with all areas of your life as that can get too much. For example I did one for Fitness, Health, Music, Blog and Little Jobs. The next step I took was choosing the easiest task on each list and fitting it into my new weekly schedule.

1) I went to the gym every day for a week (to be continued)
2) I woke up earlier to get more done each day.
3) I kept my living space super tidy which made me feel really in control.
4) I made sure I achieved something from each list every single day.
5) I made myself practice producing my own music even though it scared the life out of me.

I used to think these things were pointless and I could achieve what I wanted without fitness or early rising. NOPE, not for me anyway, the second I started making these changes I began to feel amazing. Like better than I’ve ever felt before. Everything just started moving and shaping in the way I wanted and I happened to be in complete control of it which is super empowering.

And what is even more fun is that none of these changes were drastic or unachievable, they were small but noticeable. Having my life on track lead me to feel more confident in working on my music and my blog. I have now prioritised the most important thing to me which is my songwriting, fitting everything else around that.


Listen to The School Of Greatness.. I have started listening to one a day because I love them so much. It’s full of interviews with successful and inspiring people who have hustled and struggled through all sorts to get to where they are now.


PLEASE.. I cannot believe how happy working out for 20 min a day makes me feel. Why have I never done this before? Probably because leaving bed early on a cold day is gross and also because I get gym shy so only go on the boring stuff..
Try it for one day, then do it again, and again.. and keep it a pattern forever. This is a huge huge goal of mine.


The more positive you become.. the more exhausting negative people get. Slowly fade them out, or continue to encourage them to be positive. Absolutely any of your dreams are possible those who tell you you are CRAZY feel limited themselves so want to keep you down there with them. Cut it off. Brutal but necessary.

Thats all for now, I remember reading blogs about making changes and there were so many I just closed it. So here’s four that I PROMISE work,

Here’s to habit tweaking in order to become even more fantastic CAUSE YOU ALREADY ARE.

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