Keep yo-self well whilst chasing the ultimate creative dream

To all the creative, dreamy, determined and passionate females eager to chase their dreams whilst keeping their mental health in its best possible condition, you have stumbled upon the right article.Ladies, creative ladies, songwriting ladies, artistic ladies, ALL LADIES who are chasing that ultimate goal you’ve been dreaming of since you were a little girl LISTEN UP because before I start, its beyond important that you all know that whatever it is that you want, YOU CAN HAVE IT! Regardless of what you are telling YOURSELF and what those around you are telling you.

I know that sometimes our goals can seem almost impossible, especially when it seems that almost anyone and everyone is chasing a similar dream. I have been guilty of, and sometimes still can be guilty of, putting an incredible amount of pressure on myself to be roaringly successful in a small period of time, without forgetting being happy and healthy, investing in good relationships, drinking herbal tea and doing 6am yoga every morning. I can put terrible amounts of pressure on myself to be perfect in all aspects of my life, let alone in my creative career. However I have spent a great deal of time working on myself and how I can be a badass hard worker without all this unnecessary unkindness that I seem to dollop onto myself daily. I’m going to share with you all some little things that have reignited my love for creativity, kept me back from awful self compression and that have motivated me to actually go for what I have always dreamt of. I can’t guarantee that these steps will be helpful for everyone, however I can promise that they have really worked for me and may just do the trick for you.


As much as we LOVE Instagram and as much as our careers can sometimes heavily rely on it, It can be a dangerous place for our wellbeing and self love levels. Who else is guilty of scrolling through who we call our ‘creative competition’ on Instagram only to come off feeling deflated and down about ourselves? Some of us check up on how well other people are doing daily, however all it does is make us feel that we’re not doing enough. What I have learnt is that Instagram is by no means an accurate representation of anyone’s life and can be very far from the truth. I have been making a conscious effort to check less and do more. Every time I want to have a cheeky scroll to see what everyone else is doing with their day I try and turn that urge into an incentive to do something to better myself. I also tend to unfollow the accounts that don’t make me feel good about myself, which means there’s less content in front of me to compare myself to.


Sometimes we can get so caught up in success that we forget why we love what we do in the first place. Songwriting is my favourite thing to do in the entire world as it’s the one task that can completely remove me from feelings of stress and anxiety. However, when I put pressure on it because I want it to be valued and recognised by someone higher up in the system, I tend to loose the ‘love’ I have for it. I end up doing it because I know I like it rather than because I like it. Take a few days out of your high pressure zone and do what you love just for the sake of it, nobody has to see/hear/read what you have created, but I can guarantee that taking the pressure off will trigger a new sense of purpose and you may end up creating even more. I’ve recently found myself writing 3-4 songs a week because I LOVE IT, not for any other reason and my songs are definitely improving each week.


Don’t be disheartened by the number of doors that are closed on you because one day you WILL be drinking coffee inside the building. We’re creatives, not everyone is going to love what we do all of the time, and unfortunately many of the ventures we choose to take will be shut down. This is normal, this is routine and we ALL experience it. It’s natural to put your work out on the table to come home feeling totally disheartened and wanting to quit. Sometimes it genuinely gets the better of us and makes us feel awful which is totally okay. The way I deal with these circumstances is to remind myself of my worth, to know deep down that not everyone will like what I create and to channel any negative energy into creating something else. Remember that just because one company, person, or brand doesn’t like what you do, that doesn’t mean that no one else will! It takes patience, perseverance and a WHOLE LOTTA SELF LOVE.


We can all get side tracked when we’re goal setting, making insurmountable lists and setting goals that are achievable in the longterm but not beneficial to moving forward in the short term. I start by creating lists, short lists of things I believe I can achieve in the next week or month. I begin with really simple tasks like answering all my emails, contacting people I’d like to collaborate with, organising writing sessions and planning new social media posts. These are all things I can achieve in the short term that will absolutely set me up for my long term goals. I used to get buried beneath my long term goals feeling like they would never happen because they were SO BIG; this actually delayed my creativity and motivation because every goal I set myself seemed insurmountable. I now achieve my small term goals weekly and feel fantastic because I have taught myself to be focussed on all the little pieces of my bigger dream.


Why? Because you have gone against what happens to be the social norm of getting a normal job that will keep your parents happy. You have ventured on an incredible journey doing what makes you feel most alive and you deserve to be praised for that. You are letting your dreams dictate your reality and although it can be really, really beyond tough and challenging you are still miles ahead of those who haven’t had the courage to even begin. KEEP ON BEING A SUPER FOX, create what you love, and most importantly love what you do.

Love from the songstress who’s learning to conquer The Stress.

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